Sunday, 13 May 2012

How To Create: Earrings Good Enough to Eat!

You know the deal - it's Christmas time, you’re lying on the couch watching bad TV surrounded by half empty tins of Roses, Quality Street and the inevitable box of USA Assorted Biscuits. You wipe your chocolate covered gob with the back of your hand and stare miserably at the carnage. Despite the countless sweet wrappers scattered at your feet, the shortbread crumbs down your best woolly geansaí and the groans from your bloated body you can’t help but yearn for some...Celebrations. Oh yes, to nibble on a sweet velvety Galaxy Truffle. Why is this chocolate so rare or so rare in my house?!

I’m getting distracted...returning to my tale of Christmas indulgence - I vowed to take a stand, a gym membership was too extreme (and possibly life-threatening) so I decided to delve deep into my artistic side and create jewellery out of the vibrant sweet wrappers. Sounds a bit crazy I know but this jewellery is really quirky and unique to you; you can choose your own colours, shape and size. You’re also doing your bit for the environment by recycling.

 You will need- sweet wrappers, a glue gun or superglue, cardboard (a cereal box will do), scissors, earring posts, a pencil/pen.

Earring posts are basically stud earrings with a flat base. You can glue anything onto these babies, they're cheap and easily found in jewellery making supply stores. I bought mine in Beads & Bling on Wellington Quay in Dublin.
Decide what shape and colour (and chocolate brand!) you want. Draw the shapes on the cardboard, you may need a ruler.
Cut out your shapes and place on your chosen sweet wrapper. Trace the shapes with a pen and cut out.
Apply a dot of glue on the card and place the sweet wrapper shape on top, pressing down firmly. Be careful if you're using hot glue, I used the edge of a towel to press down and avoid burnt fingers. When dry, flip your shape over and repeat.

Now your shapes are ready for the earring posts. Check out these hearts I cut out from gold Quality Street foil, be imaginative with your design or alternatively use two different sweet wrappers to create a collage effect. If you want your earrings to be a little more hard-wearing I'd suggest covering in contact book covering before applying the earring posts.

Apply a dot of glue to one side of your shape and place the earring post on top. Hold down for a few seconds and leave to dry.

Ta-da! And here’s some I made earlier - Quality Street green triangles, my favourite (literally!). I feel these earrings have a real 80s vibe as they’re so bold and flashy; I can see them complimenting washed-out denim or a jumpsuit perfectly. They could also add a different dimension to your festival outfit this summer.


  1. What a quirky novel idea! Love them!

  2. These would be lovely for a birthday present! I need to find some sweet wrappers :P

  3. They look wonderful - great idea Eimear!