Saturday, 30 May 2015

The Wardrobe Shake-Up #4

While my self-imposed spending ban has been wretched at times, I’ve been really enjoying the challenge of creating new outfits from my existing wardrobe. Clothes I had long forgotten about are now firm favourites, and I’ve given a few pieces a new lease of life by customising them (more on that in my next post). Not only is the ban saving me money but it’s also forced me out of a style rut, my creative juices are flowing! I’ve even found myself planning ‘future’ outfits, like this one. I’ve no idea where I’ll wear this to but I was chuffed when it all came together. I bought the skirt for €6.50 in Oxfam on George’s Street last summer; their vintage section is tiny but delightful. Just look at those pockets! The shoes and necklace were purchased around the same time, and the Bardot crop top was part of my last shopping haul in January.

Skirt – Vintage 1980s from Oxfam Ireland
Crop top – Asos (available here)
Shoes – F&F at Tesco
Necklace – Dunnes Stores

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Wardrobe Shake-Up #3

While shaking up my wardrobe, I discovered a dress that still had the tags on. Now you know why I've had to embark on a clothes and footwear spending ban! In my defence, the only reason I hadn't worn it was because it’s a bit too big for me. As the returns period had well and truly passed, I had a few options – sell it, give it to a charity shop, or keep it. You tend to become very possessive of your current wardrobe while on a spending ban, and I was loathe to part with this lavender blue, mod style shift. You tend to become very inventive too, so I decided to alter it or use a belt to cinch it in. However, I realised pretty quickly that neither would work due to the nature of the fabric, stretch scuba, but then I had a lightbulb moment. Simply popping a jumper on underneath turned a baggy party dress into a snug but sweet daytime look. Eureka! The jumper in question is an oldie but a goodie; an acrylic and wool mix with tiny pearl stars stitched onto it. I purchased the silver T-bars with their wonderful block heels back in November. I adore this outfit and its icy hues; it makes me feel like a 1960s Space Queen.

Dress – Asos (available here)
Jumper – Penneys/Primark
Shoes – New Look