Monday, 16 April 2012

How To Create: A Floral Headpiece

With spring coming to a close the daffodils, tulips and bluebells that once filled every park and garden are slowly receding. This and the fact that girl of the moment Lana del Rey has made floral headpieces her signature look inspired me to make my own. There are some lovely headpieces already stocked in the shops for festival season, New Look has a very pretty range, but I decided to make mine with fresh flowers.  It may only last one day but it’s authentic and purse friendly. Just don't rob your neighbour's prize blooms! If you find using fresh flowers too tricky try glueing artificial flowers to a plain plastic hair band.
You will need - a selection of flowers, wire that bends easily, rose wire, measuring tape, floristry stem tape or ribbon, sellotape, scissors, pliers (not pictured).

Measure and cut the bendy wire, approximately 65 cm should be enough. Place around your head, it's better to be slightly too big than too small. Twist the ends together to form a circle.

Take the floristry stem tape or ribbon and twist it around the wire until it's covered. Secure at intervals with sellotape.

    Cut the flowers leaving at least half an inch of stem.

Using pliers cut the rose wire into 1 inch pieces. Pierce the stems with the wire and then bend the ends creating a U shape.

Arrange the flowers on the headband. Secure in place by twisting the wire around the headband. Make sure you use the pliers to cut off any excess wire or you could end up with quite a sore head!

Voilà! A beautiful and original fresh floral headpiece. 


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