Thursday, 11 October 2012

Bread, Milk And Beautiful Shoes: Supermarket Fashion Is Now At Its Best

Dunnes Stores:

Dunnes Stores and I have had a rather turbulent relationship. This stems back to shopping there with my mother as a pre-teen and being decked out in some unsightly numbers, among them a size 12 orange jumper! Unbelievably, the smallest size Dunnes stocked back then was a 10 and there were none to be found that day. Needless to say that jumper did nothing to improve my scruffy appearance, an appearance which invited comparisons to a beggar child. Nice! Once I had my own money I haughtily refused to shop there but I was lured back three years ago by the sight of their elegant winter boots.

Dunnes has shaken off its former cheap and cheerful image and besides now stocking a size 8, many of its pieces are featured regularly in glossy magazines as budget must-haves. This year’s autumn/winter collection embraces strong clean lines while incorporating leather and houndstooth print. However, what I find myself buying most often in Dunnes is shoes and tights. Yes, tights! Star print, spot print, mock suspender, sheer nude tights (the palest I’ve come across), fishnets - Dunnes has them all! Its footwear collection seems to be improving all the time and there’s some really stylish and affordable heels and ankle boots in stores now.

                                                Going to see indie rock band Kodakid play a gig

                                                                            Body – Asos
                                                                          Shorts – H&M
                                                           Tights – Dunnes Stores (in store now)
                                                           Shoes – Dunnes Stores (in store now)
                                                                        Bag - Penneys

Piped Heel Boot 35  
Outside Zip Boot 32

Left to right: Pencil Skirt 25, Zip Coat €60, Houndstooth Jacket €25, Check Bag 20



Whenever someone admires what I’m wearing and I tell them it’s from F&F Clothing at Tesco I’m usually met with utter disbelief. The majority of Irish people seem to be unaware that Tesco is chock-a-block full of highly desirable clothes. However, if snapping up stylish bargains in the local supermarket were a sport I must admit I have an unfair advantage. I live in Kildare where the two largest Tesco stores in the country are located, one in Maynooth and the other just outside Naas, the latter being the largest in Europe. These stores have huge fashion departments so I understand if you can’t find anything decent in smaller Tesco stores. I think there’s still some stigma attached to wearing supermarket clothes but why feel ashamed? You're getting catwalk-inspired looks while saving a packet, simple!
  Recent buys from Tesco: Cable knit cardigan 21, Black leather gloves 7.50, Mary Jane shoes (every girl should have a pair, check out that gorgeous stacked heel!) 17.50

                          F&F blouse 16.50                                          F&F quilted boots 35

                             F&F Navajo cardigan 23                                     F&F A line skirt 18

                                    For more fashion from Tesco click here

As I mentioned them earlier I have to include a track by Kodakid, one of my favourite Irish bands. Kodakid are a four piece from Waterford and their sound is lustful bluesy rock. They’re a seriously hardworking band and they've played a number of high profile gigs and festivals this year including Indiependence. Their new single Portis is out October 22nd and will be available for free download from the band's website but in the meantime you can download their EP here or like Kodakid on Facebook 



  1. Hey Eimear, My name is Charco from Kantor Tzar Collectif. I though you might like to check out the REMIX I did for Kodakid of their new single Portis.........Great blog by the way!!!

  2. Hi Charco! Yes I heard it, it's amazing. Well done!