Wednesday, 26 February 2014

How To Create: Cuticle Tattoos With Eyeliner

                                  Left to right: Rad Nails Cuticle Tattoos, Ciaté Cuticle Tattoos

              The word on the street is that cuticle tattoos are going to be a big nail trend this spring/summer. However, they’re not a new trend by any means.  Last summer, American brand Rad Nails launched their cuticle tattoos to huge acclaim. Beauty blogs and websites went bananas for these quirky little transfers but for some reason they didn't really take off. Now the trend is catching on again with the launch of Ciaté’s cuticle tattoos. The British nail polish brand’s designs, diamonds, bows and stars, are much sweeter than Rad Nails’ and are exclusive to Asos. They’re currently sold out at the moment (trend alert, trend alert!) but I’ve heard they’ll be back in stock in March.

The cuticle tattoo trend is a bit like black pudding, you either love it or hate it. I love it; it reminds me of traditional henna tattoos but I just can’t justify the price of the transfers or the hassle of ordering online. Ciaté’s retail for €14.05 and Rad Nails’ are $6 apiece plus $5 for international shipping. You can save your money and recreate the same pretty designs (or come up with your own) with waterproof eyeliner pens and a steady hand. Let’s face it, the tattoos aren’t going to last very long unless you avoid hand washing (not recommended!) so you may as well use eyeliner for the few occasions you’ll be wearing them – nights out, festivals et cetera.

If you’re curious about my rather messy nail art, I was trying to emulate the 60s-esque nails created by Deborah Lippmann for Kate Spade’s gorgeous SS14 collection at New York Fashion Week. I adore these silver-tipped beauties!


  1. I'd love an actual cuticle tattoo but work would frown - this looks like a wearable alternative! Mine would be nowhere near as neat as yours are though. And love the nail art!

    1. Thanks Emma! They're nowhere near as neat as the actual tattoos but I think they still have a certain charm! x