Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Spring Cleaning: How To Create Candle Holders Out Of Glass Bottles & Jars

Spring is my favourite season for many reasons; snowdrops and daffodils blooming, longer days, warmer weather, lambs leaping in the fields. Spring is also the season of new beginnings - out with the old, in with the new. You can embrace this concept literally by spring cleaning your home. It may seem daunting to tackle your entire house in a day or even a weekend; so instead, break it up by room or even by wardrobe/cupboard and finish one each day. I recently finished spring cleaning my wardrobe and I discovered some long-forgotten pieces that I can’t wait to restyle. My friends inherited my preloved shoes and bags, and whatever they cast off was dropped into the charity shop. So less clutter and smiles all round!

Storing empty glass bottles and jars for the bottle bank can also take up much needed space. I came up with the idea of making candle holders out of bottles and jars while I was living in a bare and bleak apartment. I had a small budget for decorating and wanted something a little different to adorn my mantelpiece and dressing table. Below are two candle holder tutorials; one for a long candle and the other for a tealight.

Bohemian Style Gold & Jewelled Candle Holder
You will need: a glass bottle, gold spray paint, stick-on gems (these are available in Penneys/Primark for €1.50), latex/rubber gloves, newspaper
1.  Remove the labels from the bottle. Wash with hot soapy water and dry.

2.  Cover your work surface with newspaper. Take one sheet of paper and scrunch into a ball – put aside.

3.  Put on your gloves (this is going to be messy!) and spray the bottle, turning it slowly as you spray.

4.  While the paint is still wet, take the scrunched up ball of newspaper and start to dab lightly. This will give the paint an old/distressed appearance.

5.  Leave to dry. You can repeat steps 3 and 4 a number of times until you reach your desired mottled effect.

6.  Once the paint is dry, apply the stick-on gems. If you can’t find these in Penneys/Primark use standard gems and secure to the bottle with a glue gun.

7.  Insert your candle and voilà – a striking and unique candle holder!


Retro Ribbon Tealight Holder

You will need: a glass jar, ribbon, scissors, glue gun
1.  Choose where you’re going to place the ribbon on the jar. Measure and cut, leaving 1cm extra.
2.  Apply the glue to the jar. You must place the ribbon on straight away as glue dries almost instantly when applied to glass.
3.  Take the extra piece of ribbon and glue down.
4.  Now you’re ready to pop in your tealight. Simple!  I think these would also look exceptionally pretty as table décor at a wedding.

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