Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The Wardrobe Shake-Up #5


I don’t really know how to do casual clothes
                                                          - Oscar de la Renta

Oh I hear you, Oscar. I'm not really a jeans girl but when I do venture out in public wearing them, they’re always paired with heels and a bold lip colour, and in this case, a killer cut-out shirt and a novelty bag! The three year old oversized shirt was a victim of my spending ban. Instead of tossing it aside, I gleefully took the scissors to it and created a brand new top in mere seconds. This super easy DIY doesn’t involve sewing and won’t cost you a cent. Simply cut out the fabric following the seams of the shoulders, button strip and neckline. Denim doesn’t have to be boring, eh?! The peach bag was a birthday present from my lovely friend Fiona last month. I was also lucky enough to receive H&M and Penneys vouchers. Yes, I have new clothes. New! They’ll be featuring in future outfit posts so make sure you stay tuned.

Shirt – DIY

Jeans – ONLY

Bag – Asos (sold out)

Boots – H&M


  1. I adore this outfit you look fantastic!!

  2. Such a gorgeous outfit! You look stunning and that bag is so cute! xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  3. I'm denim girl. Love my denim shirt mix and pair with anything. Your diy is very cool and how cute is your bag.