Friday, 21 March 2014

Thrifty Treat Of The Week: Tiger Stores Ireland

This week’s Thrifty Treat Of The Week is not a beauty product or a sales tip-off. No, it’s an entire shop! Tiger is a Danish chain of variety stores; it first landed on Irish shores in 2011 and there’s currently nine stores here. Tiger offers a wide range of products from household items to office supplies, toiletries to toys and everything in between. Do not liken Tiger to EuroGiant, Dealz or any other discount store; it’s so much more than that. Yes, the prices are low but there’s also a huge emphasis on quality. Stylish with a distinctive Scandinavian design, these products stand out from the "pound shop" crowd.
When I moved into the bare and bleak apartment I mentioned in this post, Tiger was my go-to shop for kitchen utensils. Not only did I stock up on wooden spoons and spatulas but I also bought wine glasses, a cupcake shaped cookie jar and a gorgeous tea caddy that attracted oohs and aahs from everyone who saw it, i.e., anyone who was lucky enough to get a cup of tea made for them!

During my most recent visit to Tiger I stood in awe before the arts and crafts section. Beads, wire, pliers, glitter glue, wool, invisible tape, felt and the most affordable canvases I’ve ever come across for you painter types – it’s DIY heaven! I picked up decorative flowers, cards and fabric tape (see photo below). I don’t have any definite plans for the flowers yet, they have an adhesive back so I’m thinking of creating a pretty headpiece by sticking them to a base comb or putting them on a plain handbag. The fabric tape was a brilliant find, it totally eliminates the need for glue in my Retro Ribbon Tealight Tutorial.
Fabric tape €3, Decorative flowers €3, Cards (pictured above) 50c each
Other delightful items I spotted included a diamante encrusted calculator, a notebook that looks like a slab of chocolate, jewelled mirrors, a selection of herbal teas, animal iPhone covers and a party section complete with wigs and fake moustaches. Tiger state on their website that nothing costs more than €30 but I found most things are well under a tenner. Practical items, quirky gifts, lovely crafty bits to spark your imagination - Tiger has it all.  
I was swooning over my friend’s new purse while we were out having lunch. Yes, it’s a panties purse! Currently in Tiger for €2
Store Locations
·         Whitewater Shopping Centre, Newbridge
·         Manor Mills Shopping Centre, Maynooth
·         GPO Arcade, Dublin 1
·         Nassau Street, Dublin 2
·         Dún Laoghaire Shopping Centre, Dún Laoghaire
·         Pavillions Shopping Centre, Swords
·         Omni Park Shopping Centre, Santry
·         Donaghmede Shopping Centre, Donaghmede
·         St Patrick's Street, Cork City


  1. Love love love Tiger! Such a great little shop. You can pick up the most random things! :) You might enjoy this video by one of my favourite bloggers, she picked up a few bits in Tiger


    1. Oooh she bought the same fabric tape as me! I also wanted to buy all four designs but I managed to control myself...that's not always the case though when I visit Tiger! It's a great video, thank you! x

  2. I love Tiger, I spend ages in there looking at stuff!

    1. Me too! Time just flies by when there's so many pretty things to look at!